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Installation & Maintenance

Proper installation and regular maintenance are critical to increasing your carpet's life span as well as maintaining its appearance.

For the efficient installation of new carpeting, consider the following recommendations:

     Install a carpet with CRI's Indoor Air Quality Carpet Testing Program label. This is your assurance that the carpet has been tested and meets the low TVOC emissions criteria.

CRI label

     Request that the installer use only adhesives approved by CRI's Indoor Air Quality Carpet Testing Program.

vacuum Vacuum the old carpet prior to removal and the bare floor after the carpet is removed.
fan Ventilate the area by running a fan or opening a window for 48-72 hours after carpeting installation.

Regular carpet maintenance not only improves the appearance of your area, but it also saves you money and maintains good indoor air quality. These tips will help you keep your carpet looking like new:

  • Regular vacuum cleaning with a vacuum cleaner that has strong air flow, rotating beater brush and powerful suction.
  • Immediate removal of spots and spills using high-quality cleaning products.
  • Perform an extraction cleaning every 12 to 18 months, more often in high traffic areas.

  1. Use mats to collect dirt at entry ways and other high traffic areas.
  2. Rearrange furniture to allow even distribution of carpet wear.
  3. Treat your carpet with a stain protector, if it hasn't already been added to your carpet. Topical stain treatments wear off in about five years.

We have technical service personnel who are available to answer your questions regarding installation and maintenance. Send us your questions by e-mail. A technical service representative will respond within 24 hours. Or visit the sites at the Carpet Connections for other helpful installation and maintenance information.


Source: CRI, The Carpet and Rug Institute

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